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Job Specification

This is the statement of the qualifications, experience and responsibility for the post as Project Delivery Manager for the ELI Beamlines Facility.

The ELI Beamlines facility is a world-leading laser experimental facility to be constructed in Dolní Břežany, some 15km south of Prague.  The project is now moving from concept phase into detailed design.  Construction preparatory work will commence in mid-2012 with commissioning and operation from 2016 onwards. The owner of the project is the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

ELI Beamlines is one of the constituent facilities of Extreme-Light-Infrastructure (ELI), a research infrastructure project listed on Europe’s roadmap of priority projects. Two other facilities, dedicated to other dimensions of ELI’s scientific case, will be implemented in Szeged (Hungary) and Magurele (Romania) approximately within the same timeframe. Once in the operational phase, the ELI facilities will be jointly operated and will provide the international scientific community and industrial users with the best conditions of access in the world. During the implementation phase, necessary coordination between the three sites will be achieved under the umbrella of an interim European consortium called ELI Delivery Consortium. More background information on the Extreme-Light-Infrastructure and on the ELI Delivery Consortium is available in the appendix to this job specification.

The implementation of the ELI Beamlines facility involves design, procurement, installation and commissioning of state of the art laser and experimental systems in a complex suite of purpose designed buildings involving high tech safety, security and management systems. This involves a need to work closely with the scientific community to translate demanding technical requirements into a physical reality.

The complex, multi-discipline nature of the project and its challenging time scale demand the skills of an expert project delivery manager who will lead the Institute’s project team to assure timely delivery of the operational facility within budget and to specifications.  This represents an outstanding opportunity to play a formative role in a world-class project.


Candidates should have approximately 10 years’ experience working in a project management role within a multi-discipline organisation (preferentially large scientific installations or other research institutions including universities), of which approximately 5 years specifically as a senior project manager. Candidates shall have proven experience in strategic planning as well as team management.


Candidates will have, as a minimum, a degree level qualification in an engineering discipline. In addition, relevant experience and proven capability is equally important to an academic qualification.

Candidates must have expert knowledge of project management techniques and tools.  Currently the client is using Microsoft Office 2010, including Project 2010, as well as the Siemens Team Centre suite of applications for technical data management. Candidates shall also have extensive experience in the application of risk management processes and in quality management.


The Project Delivery Manager will have the responsibility of bringing the project to successful and timely delivery by planning, organising, coordinating and monitoring the implementation activities. The Project Delivery Manager will work under the authority of the ELI Beamlines Managing Director, in compliance with the Institute’s commitments and consistently with the decisions of project’s Steering Committee. The Project Delivery Manager will be a member ex officio of this committee. The responsibilities of the Project Delivery Manager will involve coordinating and supervising the delivery team in connection with and with the support of the Scientific Coordinators, the Technical Director and the Project Administration Manager. A collaborative management style and highly developed communication skills are essential requirements.

The principal duties of the Project Delivery Manager will be the following:

  • Planning and monitoring project activities:
    • The Project Delivery manager will ensure that the project rests on a well-defined and risk assessed scope of work and work breakdown structure;
    • He/she will monitor progress in the implementation of the project and suggest modification of the objectives and scope of work to the Managing Director when appropriate;
    • He/she will organise the effective communication of the project’s objectives within the delivery team and will ensure that team members have access to clear, comprehensive and up-to-date information in relation with their duties.
  • Planning and managing resources:
    • The Project Delivery Manager shall ensure that the resources needed for the implementation of the project are clearly identified and planned;
    • He/she will be in charge of planning the needs and allocation of financial and human resources within the project, of preparing the procurement plan in coordination with the scientific coordinators, the technical director and the project administration manager;
    • He/she will submit to the Managing Director budget proposals, and recommend subsequent budget changes where necessary.
  • Organisation:
    • He/she will identify issues and conflicts within the project team and will suggest to the Managing Director or the other project leaders with appropriate solutions to them;
    • He/she will supervise contractors, and influence them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work;
    • The Project Delivery Manager will ensure that the members of the delivery team participate appropriately into the coordination activities initiated and organised by the ELI-Delivery Consortium and that all necessary information is provided to the Managing Director.

The working language of the project is English.

Application procedure:

Interested candidates should send a letter of interest, including a brief description of research and leadership experience, CV and bibliography to:

!!Deadline for application submission extended until 15th  October 2012!!

For informal enquiries about any aspect of the position, please contact Mr. Roman Hvězda (, +420 266 052 516). All enquiries/information from the candidates will be handled in the strictest confidentiality.

All applications will be assessed by a special selection board (Search Committee), consisting of both international and Czech experts as well as representatives of the ELI Beamlines project, that shall meet under the coordination and supervision of the Managing Authority of the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation.

Top selected suitable candidates will be invited for interviews that will take place in Prague, Czech Republic (exact date to be communicated in due time).

Informative documents for job applicants can be found here in downloadable files:

ikona souboruELI organization scheme

ikona souboruELI background information

ikona souboruForeign Researcher's Guide to the Czech Republic

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