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ELI DC - Scientific and Technical Director


The implementation of the first three pillars of ELI will be conducted between 2011 and 2015 by the three hosting countries (the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania) by the proxy of local legal entities that will be individually responsible for carrying out all activities linked to the construction, research and development, setting-up, assembling, testing and commissioning of the facilities. These entities will be the founding members of an interim structure, the ELI Delivery Consortium, with the purpose of maintaining ELI as a single pan- European infrastructure. Its main mission will consist in ensuring the permanent cooperation between the three local teams through an institutional framework facilitating the transition to the ELI-ERIC.

The ELI-DC will promote consistency between the ELI implementation units in their scientific and technical management and will define joint strategies aiming at an optimal use and development of the resources necessary for the implementation and future operation of ELI. Additionally, the ELI-DC will prepare and organise the negotiations leading to the establishment of the ELI- ERIC. ERIC is a new legal form created by the EU1 to facilitate the creation of pan-European consortia in the field of Research Infrastructures; this legal form is recognised in all Member States and benefits from exemptions similar to those of international organisations. The main task of the ELI-ERIC will be to coordinate and manage the operation of ELI as a single and integrated research infrastructure providing access to the three initial facilities, complemented at a later stage by the fourth pillar of ELI (the ultra -high intensity facility). The definition of the conditions of operation and access of ELI are absolute pre-requisites to the establishment of the ERIC and will be essential in the process of negotiation, as it will serve as a matrix for the evaluation of the running costs and needs of the future consortium.

Main responsibilities of the Scientific and Technical Director

The Scientific and Technical Director (“STD”) will serve as the main person in charge of initiating and managing the scientific and technical coordination activities of the ELI-DC. He/she will carry out his/her activities in close coordination with the scientific and technical directors of the three ELI facilities. This interaction will imply frequent visits to the three hosting countries and participation in conferences, workshops and meetings abroad.

The STD will be working under the supervision of the Director General and will advise him/her on all scientific and technical issues relevant to his/her activities. The STD will take part in the meetings of the Management Board of the ELI-DC, along with the Director General, the Executive Director and the directors of the ELI facilities.

The STD will have the following areas of objectives:

  1. Definition of the joint management and methodological approach and tools necessary for the exchange of scientific and technical information and for coordination in this field
  2. Coordination of joint activities between the three local international scientific advisory committees and local scientific teams aiming at the preservation of the scientific specificity and complementarity of the sites, and ensuring the regular update of ELI’s scientific case (aka “White Book”)
  3. Recommendation of appropriate measures and strategies for the optimisation of the use of the technological, human, and financial resources necessary for the implementation and future operation of ELI
  4. Coordination of the definition of quality standards for the future access to and operation of the ELI facilities and monitoring of their implementation in collaboration with the local scientific and technical teams (and with the employees in charge of quality management on-site)
  5. Participation in the definition of HR management and planning instruments for the scientific and technical teams of the infrastructure (description of standard positions and prospective HR needs, definition of training programmes for the ELI scientific and technical teams and for future users, etc.) in collaboration with experts
  6. Support to the scientific directors of the local ELI facilities in the promotion of the scientific opportunities of ELI to the research community and of the future access opportunities to the facilities
  7. Support in the organisation of ELI conferences, representation of ELI in scientific and technical conferences and workshops, support to local teams in the organisation of local workshops.
Technical skills
  1. Extensive knowledge in laser science and technology relevant to ELI
  2. Experience and participation in the design and implementation of large-scale laser facility/demonstrator/prototype projects
  3. Knowledge and experience in the operation of laser facilities and in access management.
  4. Excellent understanding of the European technological scene in the field of laser and photonics (references from R&D sector at the European level)
  5. Experience in the development and management of technological collaboration between research organisations and with the industry
  6. Past involvement (or at least knowledge) in the definition of training programmes
  7. Outstanding list of publications and conference contributions, excellent high level grants record
  8. Excellent proficiency in English and fluency in at least another European language
Management skills
  1. Managerial experience/knowledge in the following fields: large-scale international R&D projects, tertiary education, access management
  2. Managerial experience in large-scale laser developments
  3. Knowledge in quality management
  4. Experience in community or collaboration management
Leadership skills
  1. Charisma
  2. Organisational skills
  3. Communication skills
  4. Negotiation skills
  5. Networking capacities
  6. Experience in team, capacity and organisation building
  7. Teaching experience
Application process:

Interested candidates should send a letter of interest, including a brief description of research and leadership experience, CV and bibliography to: no later than December 8th 2011 (deadline postponed).

For informal enquiries about any aspect of the post, please contact Mr Florian Gliksohn (, +420 266 052 369 or +420 775 620 803). All enquiries/information from the candidates will be handled in the strictest confidentiality.

All applications will be assessed by a special selection board (so called Search Committee), consisting of international experts as well as representatives of the three founding members of the ELI Delivery Consortium. The Search Committee shall meet on the turn of November and December 2011.

Selected candidates will be invited for interviews that will take place in the Czech Republic in January 2012 (precise date and location to be communicated at later stage).

For details regarding the ELI Delivery Consortium Search Committee, please visit the ELI website:

Informative documents for job applicants can be found here in downloadable files:

ikona souboruELI-DC_Scientific and Technical Directo_Advert.pdf

ikona souboruELI_background information.pdf

ikona souboru

[1] Council Regulation (EC) No 723/2009 of 25 June 2009 on the Community legal framework for a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC). For more information see

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