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Kalendář akcí

Kalendář akcí

Call for Registration of Lead Evaluators

The Managing Authority for the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation (hereafter OP RDI) at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MEYS) is looking for experienced experts in the area of EU programme evaluation to assist it in conducting its interim evaluation of projects funded under priority axes 1 and 2 of the programme. See XXXX for details of the evaluation and methodology

The evaluation experts will be responsible for leading small evaluations teams (one lead evaluator and two scientific/sectoral experts) to conduct evaluations of individual projects funded from the OP RDI’s two main priority axes. The beneficiaries of these projects are research centres/institutes of either regional or international significance with funding value of between 5 and 120 million euro. This evaluation will cover all 48 centres funded under these two priority axes and will run till 2016.

The evaluation expert will be responsible for the planning of the evaluation (in conjunction with the Managing Authority of OP RDI and beneficiary institutions), leading the project evaluation mission, the drafting of the project evaluation report and presenting the final report at the evaluation debriefing. A primary element of his/her work will be the coordination of the work of the two scientific experts and their inputs into the evaluation report.

Assessment of experts’ suitability

The MA OP RDI will assess the potential candidate for their suitability of the expert profile using a scoring system outlined below. The maximum score for any candidate is 100.


Criterion 1: Experience of evaluation of EU-funded interventions (projects or programmes) using OECD/DAC methodology [1]- minimum 10 years experience as either team leader or evaluation expert. Evaluations upon which the expert has worked must have been conducted in at least 2 EU member states - Maximum possible points score – 60

  • 40 points for meeting the minimum criteria.
  • An additional 2 points for every additional year of experience up to a maximum of 10 points (5 extra years).
  • An additional five points for every extra EU member state where the expert has conducted evaluations up to a maximum of 10 points (2 extra member states).

Criterion 2 – Fluency of written and spoken English. The evaluator should have demonstrable proficiency of evaluation report writing in English The evaluator will be requested to submit at least 3 examples of evaluation reports – written in English - in which he/she was the author or co-author – maximum score 25

  • 15 points for meeting the minimum criteria.
  • An additional 5 points for each additional report submitted that meets the selection criteria (a maximum of 10 extra points for 2 more evaluation reports)


Criterion 3 – Professional background or experience in the area of research, development and innovations. The evaluator will ideally have an academic background in related scientific field or have worked in this field in a professional capacity. Finally, the evaluator will ideally have conducted an evaluation of a research centre or similar institution.– Maximum score 15 points

  • 5 points for an academic background in scientific field (NOT social sciences), to at least bachelors’ level OR minimum 3 years related professional experience
  • 5 points for conducting at least one evaluation of a research centre or comparable institution working in the area of RDI. An additional 5 points for conducting more than one evaluation of this type (maximum 5 extra points).

Those experts with the highest points score will be invited to declare their availability to work on the evaluation of projects in the period 2013- 2016. The employment will be based on the Agreement to Complete a Job system. The MA OP RDI anticipates the selection of up to 8 evaluation experts, who will be selected for individual project evaluations based on their availability and suitability for the respective evaluation.

Fees for experts will be provided on request.


All experts should submit their CV together with a sworn affidavit confirming the accuracy and veracity of the provided information and fulfilment of the eligibility requirements. CV must clearly demonstrate fulfilment of eligibility requirements!

Please submit your CV via e-mail – signed and scanned on following e-mail address: and state thing: Interim evaluation of the PA 1 and 2.

Registration is continuous.

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