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Kalendář akcí

Kalendář akcí

Requirements for the evaluators of factual quality of projects in Priority Axis 3 OP RDI

Below you will find requirements for the evaluators of projects factual quality in call 6.3 of Priority Axis 3 of the Operational Program Research and Development for Innovations, including information for evaluator registration.

Possible evaluators can register into the OP RDI evaluator database only if they fulfill the requirements stated below.

I. General qualification criteria:

  • university degree
  • active knowledge of English (the evaluation committee meetings with attendance of foreign evaluators will take place in English)

II. Requirements for professional eligibility of projects factual quality evaluators in call 6.3 of Priority Axis 3 Support for pre-seed activities:

 Basic eligibility requirements:

1. Experience of at least 5 years in research and innovation activities within the given field of  expertise.[1]  It is necessary to list relevant practical experience:

  • either, practical experience with corporate R&D, or
  • experience in academic R&D (at least Ph.D. or adequate degree), where the expert also participated in commercialization of the R&D results. 

2. Experience with commercialization of R&D results, technology transfers and their financing. This involves, for example, setting processes of technology transfer, protection of intellectual property rights related to the R&D results, experience with establishing a new company, transferring a license, mediating contractual research, etc.). It is necessary to declare recent relevant practical experience and cases.

3. Experience with research, development and innovation projects, including their preparation, implementation or evaluation. It is necessary to declare relevant experience.

4. Practical experience in support of innovation activities for technology companies (consulting services for technology start-ups, financing, the mediating body of commercialization, etc.).

Evaluators of the project technology aspects: must fulfill requirement #1 and at least one other more  

Evaluators specialized in technology transfer and commercialization: must fulfill requirement #2 and at least one other more

 [1]Priorities for Applied Research, Development and Innovation: Biological and Environmental Aspects of Sustainable Development, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Energy Sources, Material Research, Competitive Engineering, Information Society, Security and Protection.

All experts must submit their professional CV with the sworn affidavit confirming the truthfulness of given information and fulfillment of requirements eligibility.

The attached resume must show that the aforementioned eligibility requirements are fulfilled. Please submit your resume via e-mail – signed and scanned on following e-mail address:

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