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Kalendář akcí

Kalendář akcí

Call for registration for the evaluators of overall quality of projects under the Call 2.1 Strengthening Research Capacities of R&D Centres in Priority Axis 1 of OP RDI

The Managing Authority of the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation (OP RDI) is in connection with calls for proposals launched under the OP RDI launching a call for registration of potential evaluators who fulfil requirements for the evaluators of overall quality of projects submitted under the Priority Axis 1 – European Centres of Excellence, Call 2.1 – Strengthening Research Capacities of R&D Centres. 

Evaluators will act in their personal capacity, not as representatives of their employer or any other subject. Evaluators have to be impartial, unbiased and professional. Each evaluator has to sign a Declaration of impartiality and confidentiality before the beginning of the evaluation process. Evaluators will act under the conditions of these declarations during the entire period of evaluation and also after the termination of the evaluation process.

Requirements for the evaluators of factual quality of projects in Priority Axis 1 OP RDI, Call 2.1 – Strengthening Research Capacities of RαD Centres: 

Potential evaluators can register into the OP RDI evaluators´ database only if they fulfil the requirements stated below.

I. General qualification criteria:

  • university degree on Ph.D. level minimum (or equivalent)
  • active knowledge of English language (expert assessments to be written in English and the evaluation committee meetings with attendance of international evaluators to take place in English)

II. Requirements for professional eligibility

1. Evaluators must be experienced scientists with R3 or R4[1] classification and actively participating for R and D, which is evidenced primarily by their 5-10 best publications in the past 5 years in major international, interdisciplinary journals in their respective fields. Publications should be arranged according to their quality, particularly according to their importance and relevance to the respective field starting with the most significant publication. Each publication will be assigned a number of citations (without self-citations) and current IF journal for the year 2013 according to the database Web of Science. The current H-index will also be assigned according to the Web of Science.

2. Evaluators must have at least 3 years experience preparing and/or executing investment/research projects for R and D.

3. Evaluators must have at least 5 years relevant experience with evaluating/ranking investment/research projects for R and D.

4. Evaluators must have experience with leading a research team (consisting of at least 5 R and D workers, including Ph.D-holders)

As a minimum it is necessary to fulfill condition number (1) in combination with at least one of the remaining conditions numbers (2), (3), or (4).

For consideration in this process, prospective evaluators must provide detailed curriculum vitae (CV), in which the evaluator declares his or her classification (R3 or R4[2]).  The enclosed CV must clearly specify that the above general qualification criteria and professional conditions are met. Note that the CV must be signed with the sentence „ I do hereby declare that the information provided here is true to the best of my knowledge and belief” and then scan of the original, signed CV should be submitted electronically.

Conditions of acceptance of an evaluators´ registration:

a) Fulfilment of the above mentioned requirements

b) Submitting a scan of signed CV

c) Evaluator must state maximum of five categories of the Annex No. 1 that match their field of expertise (state in the registration e-mail). Find Annex No. 1 in “Further information” below

d) Availability within 14th – 18th April 2014 to attend concensus meetings in Prague (confirm in the registration e-mail)

e) Lack of conflict of interests towards any project proposal submitted within this call (confirm in the registration e-mail)

f) Any connection to any applicant of this call, if known, even if not involved in the project proposal preparation (state in registration e-mail)

g) Submitting registration e-mail, including all the above mentioned information, by 31st January 2014 following e-mail address:, as a Subject of the e-mail please state “Call 2.1 OP RDI”.

Any registration e-mail lacking all the required information stated in Conditions of acceptance would not be considered acceptable.

Specific information about the Call 2.1 can be found below:

ikona souboruCall 2 1 Strengthening Research Capacities of R&D Centres 
ikona souboruAnnex A Selection Criteria
ikona souboruAnnex B Rules for Expense Eligibility
ikona souboruAnnex C Monitoring Indicators

Further information:

ikona souboruAnnex No. 1

ikona souboruAnnex No. 2


[1] According document of European Commission “TOWARDS A EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK FOR RESEARCH CAREERS“, (Annex no. 2)

[2]  According to document of European Commission “TOWARDS A EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK FOR RESEARCH CAREERS“, (Annex No. 2)

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