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Kalendář akcí

Kalendář akcí

Requirements for evaluators of individual projects implemented under priority axis 1 and 2 of the Operational Programme for Research and Development for Innovation (OP RDI).

The Managing Authority (MA) of OP RDI is seeking evaluators for the Interim Evaluation of projects funded under priority axes 1 and 2 of the OP RDI (hereafter IE). The evaluation will review the performance of these interventions and assess their prospects of achieving their planned objectives, as well as their sustainability. The IE will also offer recommendations for future action for both the project beneficiary as well as the MA. The total number of projects expected to be assessed within this IE is 48. The whole evaluation exercise will run from 2012 to 2015.

Actual evaluation:

Currently, the MA is looking for evaluators for Interim evaluation of project “Centre for nanomaterials, advanced technologies and innovation” in Liberec Technical University. Specialization in Material Research (nanofibres, nanostructural layers, polymers) and/or Competitive Engineering (mechatronics, robotisation, driving systems, AI) is required (more details upon request).

Evaluation process:

Each project in the IE will be evaluated by teams of up to 3 selected international and national (Czech) experts who are specialists in their relevant scientific fields. Each evaluation team will be composed of up to 2 international and 1 national expert.

Evaluators will assess the projects in their personal capacity, not as representatives of their employers, their state, or any other entity. Evaluators are required to be independent, impartial and objective throughout the evaluation process.

Each evaluator is required to sign a Declaration of Impartiality and Confidentiality before the commencement of the evaluation process. Evaluators will act under the conditions of these declarations during the entire period of the IE process.

The evaluator is expected to provide a comprehensive assessment of a selected project or projects. This will be done through the analysis of relevant project documentation (including a self-assessment report written by the beneficiary) and via a field mission (max. 3 days) to the project(s) in question. 

The evaluators should, on the basis of the information gathered, produce a joint evaluation report, which is the principal output of the evaluation activities. Furthermore, a member of the evaluation team will be required to deliver a presentation of the evaluation results to key stakeholders (principally the beneficiary and MA OP RDI). This will be done either at the MA offices or at another pre-defined location.

Full details of requirements for evaluators and how to register into the database of international evaluators can be found below.

General qualification criteria:

  • Fluency in written and spoken English (meetings and outputs of the evaluation will be in English unless agreed otherwise)

 Basic eligibility requirements:

Experts are expected to meet the following criteria:

International experts

  • Experience in the management of a research centre i.e. occupying a senior or middle management function (minimum 5 years)
  • Experience evaluating research and development projects[1] and/or experience evaluating research organisations (minimum 3 years)
  • Experience with research and innovation activity in the given area of expertise, relevant to the project(s) to be evaluated (minimum 5 years)

National experts

  • Experience with research and innovation activity in the given area of expertise, relevant to the project(s) to be evaluated (minimum 5 years)
  • Experience in the management of a research centre i.e. occupying a senior or middle management function (minimum 3 years) or experience of evaluating research and development projects or experience evaluating research organisations (in either case a minimum 3 years)


All experts should submit their CV together with a sworn affidavit confirming the accuracy and veracity of the provided information and fulfilment of the eligibility requirements. CV must clearly demonstrate fulfilment of eligibility requirements!

Please submit your CV via e-mail – signed and scanned on following e-mail address: and state thing: Interim evaluation of the PA 1 and 2.

The deadline for registration is 4th January 2013.


ikona souboruGuide for evaluators interim evaluation PO1, 2.pdf

ikona souboruList of projects supported under Priority Axes 1 and 2.xls

[1] Please note that the term ‘Project’ is used in the  context of the OP RDI to refer to research centres, innovation centres and all other types of institutions that are supported within the framework of the OP RDI.

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